Belief Reef Nursery

Infant - Preschool

At Belief Reef Nursery, children learn about God's love every week. Through worship, story telling and crafts, they experience stories from the Bible.

Here at Light and Life Church, the nursery is run by volunteers that love children. Each volunteer serves on a specific week, and this gives them the opportunity to hear God's word on a regular basis.

All of our volunteers have passed background checks and have a heart for children and the Lord. 

Belief Reef Nursery is located on the first floor and is accessible through the foyer.

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Our Volunteers

  • Silvia Rodriguez

    Silvia has been attending and serving at Light & Life for almost 10 years. During her spare time, she loves bike riding at the beach.

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    Stephanie has been serving with us since 2011.  She loves history and traveling. 

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  • Elvia Herrera

    Elvia has been attending Light & life for over 10 years and has been a volunteer just as long. She loves spending time with her sons and GRAND BABIES. 

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  • Lily Mazzoni

    Lily has been attending Light & Life since 2011. SHe loves the children and they love her more. 

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  • ALice Martinez

    Alice has attended light & life since 2012. She began volunteering in the Nursery when her grandson was born. She loves worship and traveling with her husband. 

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  • Ana Montes de Oca

    Ana has been attending  Light & life since 2017. She enjoys visiting the Aqurium of the pAcific with her husband and their 2 boys.

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  • Vanesa Mount

    Vanesa has been attending Light & Life for 3 years. SHe loves working with children and is currently working on her teaching credential.

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  • Jessica Alcala

    Jessica has been attending Light & life since 2015 and has served in the nursery for almost 2 years. She is currently in school to become an elementary  teacher.

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  • Gabriela Perez

    Gabby has been attending Light & Life since 2015. She enjoys going to comic CONVENTIONS with her son.

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  • Mary Monge

    Mary has been attending Light & Life for 10 years. She enjoys listening to Il Volo and spending time with her children and GRANDDAUGHTERS. 

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  • Angela King

    Angela has been attending Light and Life since 2004. She's very crafty, loves frogs and starbucks. 

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  • Cindy Martinez

    Cindy has been attending Light & Life church for 12 years. She Majored in Psychology and loves everything Disney.

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  • Naomi Gutierrez

    Naomi is one of our Jr. Volunteers and has been attending Light & Life since before she could walk. She enjoys playing Volleyball and spending time with her family. 

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  • Vanessa Hernandez

    Vanessa has attended Light & Life since 2016 and has volunteered in the nursery for 3 years. She loves spending time with her kids and family.

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  • Sarah Barrios

    Sarah is the newest member to the team . She enjoys working with children and also volunteers in our children's ministry

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