Pastoral Care

If you are struggling personally or in a relationship, it can be helpful to talk to someone about your situation. Our pastors and elders are available to help you sort through a difficult time and offer prayer and biblical guidance for your situation. Pastoral care is not considered professional counseling, and it is not intended to take the place of professional counseling. 

Professional Counseling

While Light and Life Church does not offer professional counseling, we do partner with many Christian counselors in the area who are trained to help with many situations a person faces in life, including depression, marriage struggles, parenting difficulties, and other difficult circumstances. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

This is a commitment that teaches marriage principles for couples getting married, whether it's for the first time or getting remarried. We discuss key topics such as communication, conflict resolution, sex, money, and faith. 

Each couple will be given the Prepare-Enrich assessment. This tool is completed in person and identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. Pre-marital is required for those who want to be married at Light and Life Church. 


We love when couples decide to get married at Light and Life. If you wish to have your wedding at Light and Life Church, contact our office at 562.862.0910. 

Memorial Services

Funerals and memorial services are times for remembering, honoring, and celebrating loved ones who have passed away. When you experience the loss of a loved one, Light and Life can provide you with care and resources for a service. This is a service we provide for grieving families and our staff goes above and beyond to pitch in and make the process smooth during this difficult time for your family. 

Light and Life Church pastors will assist families during these difficult times by offering support, comfort, and prayer. Call 562.862.0910 for more information. 

Contact a Pastor